243 days

since we tied the knot!
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Welcome, we're finally here, it has only taken Sam 6 years to get on his knee! Feel free to have a look around our wedding site and remember to RSVP! We hope to see you all on our special day!!! 
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Our story

Tess and Sam are one of the success stories that have come out of online dating. After going out for lunch they figured that they had more in common then just enjoying food. It wasn’t long until they shared a house together with two beautiful cats. They now look forward to opening the next chapter in their book of life. 
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The Proposal

Tessa and Sam were holidaying at their annual holiday spot in Port Hughes. They had planned to go for a walk along the beach in the morning. Tessa had walked ahead as usual because Sam is just too slow. 
Sam called out to Tess to turn around and to her surprise he was on his knee.

Wedding Party

Emma Weckert

Not just a sister to the bride but a very good mate as well. Emma spent a childhood of having to share a room with her little sister Tessa. This sometimes went awfully wrong but a bond was built that would never be broken.

Michael Binns

Sam and Michael have been mates for as long as they can both remember, what started out as working on weekends together turned into a lifelong friendship. Michael took Sam under his wing as a little brother and help shape the man he is. 

Elsie Weckert

Elsie is currently the favourite (and only) niece of Tessa. Her witty and cute attitude brings us all a great deal of joy and amusement. We love our little Elsie and we are sure you all will fall in love with her contagious happiness.

Maxwell Weckert

Maxwell is the eldest nephew of Tess and Sam. He is growing into an intelligent, sport mad young man. Tess will always have a soft spot for her little Maxy as he gave her the first blessing of becoming an Aunty.

Fletcher Weckert

Fletcher is the youngest of the clan who has an ambitious attitude. His cheeky smile will always make you wonder what he has been up to.  You will more then likely see Fletcher’s bubbly character and sweet moves on the dance floor. 




Bungaree Station
The Ceremony will take place in the garden situated south of the Manor.

Garden Drinks


Join us for a few beverages and nibbles before we go to the reception.



Reception will be in the shearing shed which is a short walk from the garden 


We are lucky in the Clare Valley to have a wide variety of superb accommodation. To list a couple, Clare Country Club https://www.clarecountryclub.com.au/ and Clare Motel http://www.clarevalleymotel.com.au/.